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What Is My Junk Car Worth?

Whats My Junk Car Worth

Q. What’s My Junk Car Worth?

A. The majority of a junk car’s value lies in its weight and quality of parts still left on the vehicle. Complete vehicles always pay more than incomplete. Meaning the vehicle still has all of its major components intact i.e. motor, transmission, catalytic converter, 4 doors, 4 wheels, battery, radiator, etc.

When you remove parts, not only do you lose weight, but the junkyard loses an opportunity to resell those parts. Thereby incomplete cars are not worth as much as cars that are complete. Further, some high-demand car parts are worth more than the low-demand make and model car parts.

So each junk car has its own unique value.

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5 stars for Cash For Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale. I called 3 places trying to sell my junk car. They offered me over $400. When my next highest offer was $275. And they threw in free towing. I recommend these guys 100%

Judy R.

After calling several other places I went with Cash for Junk Cars. Offered the most money and towed my car FOR FREE. Highly recommend this business!

Taylor D.

Very good prices.
They paid me more for my junk car than expected. Highly recommended.

Michelle C.

Great company they paid me more for my car then I thought it was worth.

Chris C.

Where to start, best prices in town, picked up my car the same day without any issues.

Marcos M.

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